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1-ON-1 Personal Training

The personal training option is as good as it gets to being pushed to your full potential. We will first take  the time to sit down and get to know you as a person. Every individual has their own unique story, and believe it or not that gives us a better idea of how to approach training you. Whether you are as healthy  as a horse and are just looking for a great workout when you walk through the door, or you have health  complications, or obstacles that limit your physical ability there is nothing you can’t achieve with the  help and guidance of a 1-on-1 personal trainer here at Effective Fitness.


Semi-Private Personal Training

Every individual has different desires when it comes to their training session. Having a workout  partner(s) helps boost morale, create friendly competition, and incorporate interactive /partner  exercises. When taking the route of semi-private training you are able to potentially fit additional sessions into your budget while still receiving the same quality of training. Before training sessions start you will go through the same sit-down process as we assess your health history, personal concerns/limitations, and goals.

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